Industrial Areas Services

  1. Receiving applications related to the allocation, reservation, replacement, renewal of lease agreements, or granting licenses for their use.
  2. Follow up on decisions issued by the concerned authority regarding the applications for industrial plots and notify the tenants of the decision issued on their application, and hand over the industrial plots to tenants if their application is approved.
  3. Drafting contracts and agreements with promoters to lease industrial Plots and ensure compliance with the terms of the agreement.
  4. Study and propose the duration and the plot rentals for the Industrial Areas Affairs Committee.
  5. Supervising the preparation of building layouts and land survey certificates for Industrial plots.
  6. Coordinate with concerned authorities to promote industrial Parks to local and foreign investors and publish statistics, financial statements, and investment results.
  7. Create and maintain plot records in Industrial Parks and requests for reservation of Industrial plots.
  8. Receive grievances related to industrial plot applications and submit them to the Industrial Areas Affairs Committee for consideration.
  9. Supervise plans for organizing, developing, and protecting all industrial Parks under the Ministry's supervision.
  10. Prepare the required budgets with senior management and concerned authorities to implement development plans in infrastructure and construction projects, in coordination with concerned administrative units of the Ministry.
  11. Managing violations in industrial parks in general and working to codify and follow up on the number of violations for the purpose of developing and upgrading industrial areas​