Inspection Services

The Inspection Directorate is responsible for managing regulatory inspections functions for   commercial and industrial business activities to ensure effective compliance with the applicable laws and regulations, and handles complaints related to the Directorate’s function. To achieve this goal, the Directorate performs the following tasks:

1) ​Plan and implement the industrial and commercial inspection annual plan to ensure compliance with relevant Laws, Ministerial Decrees, and underlying systems and requirements, in cooperation and coordination with the concerned Directorates
2) Monitor the markets and points of sale in the Kingdom of Bahrain and deal with illegal business practices to achieve an encouraging environment 
3) Conduct onsite and electronic inspections in coordination with the concerned Directorates 
4) Handle complaints related to commercial and industrial practices received from consumers, directorates or concerned Government entities, and take the appropriate actions.
5) Supervise and follow up the process for transferring the cases to the Public Prosecution.
6) Cooperate, coordinate and exchange information with other concerned Governmental inspection bodies to enhance and strengthen the regulatory system in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
7) Conduct research and reports related to the Directorate’s activities and performance.
8) Assess the overall regulatory inspection system, implement best practices for performance improvement, and develop relevant legislation. 
9) Strive to overcome obstacles and inspection challenges for both the Ministry and the concerned Government entities
10) Increase awareness about laws and regulations designed to ensure the rights of consumers as well as fair trade.​