Industrial Development Services

  1. ​​​​Industrial license.This includes obtaining an industrial license to implement an industrial project, adding an industrial activity to the industrial license​, adding a branch to the industrial license, conducting an expansion of the plant, or making any transactions related to the industrial license.
  2. Industrial Registration. This includes the registration of existing in production manufacturing facility or renewal of industrial registration certificate.​
  3. Duty Exemption. Exempting Industrial establishments from customs duties on industrial inputs (machinery, equipment, spare parts, and raw materials) required for immediate industrial production.
  4. Anti-Injurious practices in international trade. This includes Anti-dumping, Countervailing measures, and Safeguards.
  5. Made in Bahrain Mark.​ it’s a Mark granted to National factories licensed by MOIC where items produced are made of 35% or more of domestic content. This Mark is given to catalyze Bahraini industry through supporting local production and bringing consumers closer to the National product.
  6. Free Sale Certificate. It is a request for Free Sale Certificate which states that the manufactured products according to the industrial license are sold and traded freely in the local markets in the Kingdom of Bahrain.​
  7. Natural Gas Request. It is a request to forward the Natural Gas application to Ministry of Oil and Environment​.​