Information Systems Services

  1. Develop policies, plans and standards related to information systems and eCommerce in the Ministry in accordance to the best international practices. 
  2. Spreading eCommerce awareness, supporting and encouraging the business sector to engage in it, and working to promote the Kingdom of Bahrain to be a prominent eCommerce center in the region 
  3. Participate in proposing laws and legislations related to eCommerce, in addition to developing an effective eCommerce infrastructure that ensures safe and smooth electronic transactions conduct.
  4. Supervising and controlling the eCommerce sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain, in addition to reviewing applications for issuing and approving related licenses.
  5. Participate in government projects and represent the Ministry in conferences, seminars and local and foreign work teams in the field of information technology and eCommerce.
  6. Managing the process of security and information confidentiality in network, systems and databases and protecting them from loss or vandalism.
  7. Designing and developing technical programs and the Ministry's website in coordination with concerned administrative Ministry units.
  8. Managing and developing the Ministry's information systems, including network, databases, operational systems and applications.
  9. Applying periodic maintenance of computers and Ministry network and saving backup copies of the data in the database according to predetermined arrangements.
  10. Providing technical support and consultation to users of information systems in the Ministry, in addition to installing new equipment and software and providing training. 
  11. Participate in the preparing and evaluating contracts, tenders and agreements concluded by the Ministry with various bodies regarding information systems in coordination with the concerned administrative unit of the Ministry.
  12. Conduct and evaluate the training of Ministry employees on computer software and systems in coordination with concerned administrative unit of the Ministry.​