Ministry Quality Policy


The Ministry of Industry and commerce (MOIC) seeks to adopt and implement international systems as a cornerstone for enhancing professionalism and providing high quality services. MOIC is committed to implement the quality management system in accordance to the requirements of ISO 9001 as a key mechanism to drive continuous improvement. To achieve this, MOIC is Committed to:

  • Encourage attracting industrial and commercial investment, SMEs development and promote the adoption of eCommerce in the kingdom of Bahrain.
  • Enhancing the Kingdom of Bahrain's trade position internationally through consolidating foreign trade relations, which contributes to the development of a competitive and diversified economy regionally and globally, under the leadership of local national competencies.
  • Promote trade practices in line with the international norms and agreements, protect intellectual property rights, promote competition, and prevent monopoly to create an environment that boost the growth of different types of industries.
  • Strengthen the role of standardization to raise the level of safety and efficiency of products and services to ensure public safety, consumer protection and the environment in order to increase production capacity and support the national economy."
  • Provide one-stop shop services with high quality and simplified procedures that gain customer trust and satisfaction.
  • Explore new trends in development and innovation to accelerate the speed of transactions, ensure their accuracy, and achieve high performance.
  • Build the capacity of MOIC and foster fairness in career paths for employees.
  • Inspection and control of commercial and industrial activities to ensure their compliance with laws and regulations.
  • Receive complaints and reports related to the Ministry's activities, investigate them, and take necessary measures and actions in their regard. 
  • Cooperate and coordinate with government entities and enhance Bahraini team spirit.

MOIC is keen to evaluate its performance to ensure continuous improvement and sustainable growth according to the quality policy we strongly believe in.

All directorates within the ministry proactively seek to control and manage risks through a dedicated BCM process to ensure that MOIC continues to deliver an acceptable level of service, while maintaining appropriate levels of control, for all critical activities in the event of a disruption.

The Ministry is committed towards providing all the necessary health and safety elements to protect employees and dealers in the workplace, as can be reasonably and adequately applied.

Abdulla Adel Fakhro
Minister of Industry, Commerce
Kingdom of Bahrain