Thiqa Program (Cyber Trust)

​​​​The Ministry of Industry and Commerce was awarded the “Thiqa” level of Initiative in information security on April 24th of April 2019


About the Program
An initiative aimed at improving the level of awareness and maturity of government entities in information security and encouraging government agencies to enhance information security in a competitive manner.

Program Mission
Building and sustaining a reliable government electronic environment through the implementation of a competitive program based on improving the security of information through information security governance and technical and human support to achieve regional and global leadership.

Program Objectives​

  1. Improve the protection of information and communication technology from risks.
  2. Support the process of continuous construction and development of national cadres and expertise in the field of information security.
  3. Improve the awareness of users of government services in information security.
  4. Improve information security management knowledge.
  5. Improve The Kingdom of Bahrain's regional and international status in the field of information security.
  6. Evaluate the level of information security in government agencies.