Community Partnership and Strategic Partnership

The Concept of Community Partnership

The concept of community partnership is based on the principles of mutual understanding among all institutions that lead to a positive impact on achieving the desired results. The concept of community partnership has emerged as one of the important indicators for achieving sustainable development. This concept depends on the interaction between three main components: Private and civil society, where the state represented by the government to create the required environment that helps the work of all other parties to ensure the achievement of partnership.

Strategic Partnership with the Public Sector

1. School awareness program, which includes workshops for students in all educational segments and parents.

2. Awareness competitions done by the Ministry such as the eCommerce and consumer protection competitions.

3. The Follow-up of complaints and proposals submitted by citizens through the application of communication to monitor any irregularities and help the Ministry in controlling the market.

4. Preparation of awareness seminars for tenants of industrial areas.

Strategic Partnership with the Private Sector

1. Virtual Commercial Registrar (CR) “Sijili” is a CR, which is only granted for Bahrainis, that enables the owner to practice commercial activities without requiring a physical address. This initiative aims to encourage self-employment and entrepreneurship in various fields.

2. Licensing professional body offices whom are responsible for registering companies and individual establishments.

3. Signing an agreement with Silah Gulf to establish and operate the call center.

4. Introducing a food truck activity and license, to enable business owner to prepare and serve food and beverages from a mobile food truck, without requiring a physical address.

5. Hallmarking of high-end jewelry articles service serves the branded Jewelers and those who are trading in high value articles studded with pearls, diamonds and gemstones.  Where the clients can receive their ready items back within hours and always requested to accompany their items during the analysis and hallmarking process, to ensure the high level of client’s confidence in handling their Jewelry items. 

6. Special Hallmarking requests this service is projected to the precious metals manufacturers, wholesaler and importers who are mainly considered the chain suppliers for the other retail jewelers. Throughout this special service, clients are guaranteed to submit their requests at once according to the receiving criteria with a very special conditions considering minimizing the time, efforts, and cost. 

7. Recognition of Special Hallmarks & International Branded Jewelleries The licensing of Bahrain Institute for Pearls & Gemstones to do the pearls and gemstones testing services; is part of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism commitments to activate the fair competition in the local business environment and to support different segmentations of the service based trading, with the assurance of adhering to the related regulations.

8. Bahrain eCommerce Academy which is an initiative between the Ministry and Think Smart institute which aims to train Bahraini businessmen and hone their skills in the field of eCommerce.​

Strategic Partnership with the Public Sector

Is the interaction and relationship between the government ministries and authorities aim at providing add value services to clients and achieving common government goal by utilizing the diverse capabilities and skills of the partners.