About The Ministry

​​​Ministry Objectives:

  • The Ministry's work program is based on the Government's work program, which is built upon ambitious strategies and clear Economic Vision 2030, which seeks to enhance the economic reality based on competitiveness, infrastructure and investment attractiveness.

  • ​Adopt an integrated strategy for sustainable development, based on launching innovative individual initiative spirit in the economic and commercial work.

  • ​Continue of leading projects in infrastructure development, adopt advanced techniques in facilitating procedures and transactions, remove bureaucratic obstacles, administrative and financial control, improve services, provide an appropriate environment to attract investments as well as develop government performance in general.​

  • ​Focus on leading economic sectors in Industry and Commerce and services based on technology, communications, business services, health, education and training sectors.​

  • ​Provide an appropriate environment to attract and increase local and foreign investments, and to enhance the role of the Kingdom of Bahrain as a distinct commercial location, and a gateway for free trade and re-export operations.

  • ​Administrative update to achieve speed to complete government transactions through the government electronic network.​

  • ​Utilize advanced experiences of specialized organizations and authorities.

  • ​Enhance joint economic action with the Gulf Cooperation Council states.​

  • ​​Establish good and balanced relations with all countries of the world within the international system and open up new markets for trade and investment exchange.​